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Omakase Experience

'Omakase' is a Japanese phrase, used when ordering sushi in restaurants,

that means "I'll leave it up to you". 

You may have previously experienced Omakase, but Chef Aoki will provide you an exquisite Omakase beyond your expectations!



Omakase - Chef's choice


Omakase $150

Sashimi combination plate, 4  Appetizers, 12 pieces of Sushi, 

Soup, and Dessert with roasted green tea.


*Omakase $200 (One-week advanced order)

Sashimi combination plate, 

5 Appetizer12 pieces of Sushi, One hand roll,

Soup, and Dessert with roasted green tea.

*Minimum of 2 people 


*Additional orders will be charged.

*The dishes for the Omakase-Chelf's choice course will vary

depending on the day's produce.

Hot green tea $5.00
Cold green tea $5.00
Sada/bottled water/sparkling water $5.00
Japanese soda (Yuzu or Ume) $7.50
Japanese Suntory non-alcohol beer $7.50
Alcohol-Removed Premium Sparkling Wine (Non-Alcoholic) $35.00

Refill Order
Gari(ginger)/Wasabi $5.00
*Additional orders will be charged


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